Astrid Cordes-Surrender

In the decade of so that I’ve been writing about music, I’ve covered a fair amount of songs about children and parenthood. I don’t think that at any point in that time I heard an artist give themselves over so fully to the joys of that responsibility as Astrid Cordes. The Danish singer/songwriter has put together “Hurry Up And Kiss Me While The Baby’s Still Asleep” a trilogy of EP’s about all of the ups and downs of being a new parent, with “Surrender” being the first single from the final installment, Baby’s Still Asleep.

Originally written on the harp, “Surrender” begins as a synthy dream of a song where she sings about everything she’s happily given up as she’s become a mother to her “four-leaf clover” (“You can have my body…I never used it for anything important anyway”). In the second verse, she describes how much easier it was to make huge life changes than she expected. She sings about not even remembering her last cigarette and thinking that things would taste different.

It’s at this point you realize that the song has transformed. Where at first you really only noticed synths and drums, now there’s guitar and horns filling up the space and creating a very fun and exciting sound. As we get closer to the end, even more layers are added, most importantly a bright, shimmering piano riff that happens a couple of times in the last thirty seconds or so that really puts the cherry on top of a beautiful song.