Matt Tiegler-I Wanna Start A Religion (With You)

If you’re feeling down in the dumps because the Autumn Equinox just passed and there wasn’t a new Weezer EP to coincide with the changing season, this might be your lucky day. Matt Tiegler’s newest album, Hands Free Down Hill, is coming soon and it’s bringing that wonderful power pop sound along. This is Tiegler’s third studio album, and a great departure from his previous work, leaning more into a traditional rock band setup.

On “I Wanna Start A Religion (With You),” Tiegler scratches a deep 90’s itch with a sound similar to early Fountains Of Wayne and Apples In Stereo. That sound is accomplished with the help of some of Chicago’s finest, including: Steve Dawson, Tommi Zender, and John Abbey.

Following the first two singles from the album, “Dream” and “Summer Love Song,” this track comes off as a more optimistic tune that looks to answer some of the longing and searching of the others. It’s a humanist lark that asks us to put our faith in one another rather than looking to the heavens for answers. The video is a collection of clips that show the grandiosity and spectacle of religion. The iconography and the rituals that have kept the coffers of the church overflowing for centuries.

It does a good job of displaying a lot of difference cultures, to the point where starting your own religion doesn’t seem that crazy. There’s already a million out there, what’s one more? And if you want to worship or be worshipped, you can just have your own set of beliefs with the person that matters the most to you. It all makes perfect sense to me.

Hands Free Down Hill comes out on October 6th, with a release show scheduled at SPACE on October 15th. Tickets are available here. You can check out the first two singles on Bandcamp.

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