Princess Goes-Come Of Age

Tomorrow Princess Goes will release their new LP, Come Of Age, their second full-length, and the first since dropping the longer moniker Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum. One day isn’t too long to wait, but the band have decided to deliver another single to tide us over until then. It’s the title track, and, like the previous singles, highlights the bands biggest strengths.

If this is your first listen to the group, you’ll pick up on some big influences right away. There’s a heavy dose of Bowie, some New Order, and they’re on record as being big fans of Future Islands. You might also get the sense that they have a flair for the dramatic, and that’s no surprise as the band was started after the trio worked together on the Broadway production Hedwig And The Angry Inch.

On the album, “Come Of Age” falls in between two other singles, “Blur” and “Shimmer.” It’s a masterful act of sequencing that plunges the listener deep into the dream Princess Goes is creating. They ebb and flow, while Matt Katz-Bohen builds huge, synthy soundscapes that rise with the soaring vocals delivered by Michael C. Hall and crash with cymbals of Peter Yanowitz’s drum kit.

I hadn’t really listened to the group before, but having now heard the whole album, I feel like I need to go back and check out everything they’ve put out so far. The singles for Come Of Age are all very strong, and none of them are my favorite off the record. That’s a song called “Glasswing.” You can hear it tomorrow when the album comes out.

If you’d like to pre-order Come Of Age, you can do so here. The band had to cancel a run of shows earlier this year, but will be performing in the UK and EU to celebrate the release. Stay connected with the band via Instagram to find out when they might be coming to your town.

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