Yeule at Metro 10/10/23

Yeule is classified by some as an electronic pop music performer. Seeing them live, you’d be hard-pressed to make that case. They played 13 songs on Tuesday night, all of them featuring live drums and guitar. On about half of them there were two guitars. It felt much more like a rock show than a dance club, and the crowd absolutely loved it.

I saw Yeule at Pitchfork Music Festival in 2022, and was immediately captivated. I had never heard of them and I went back later that week to check out the music they had online. Heavily influenced by 90’s pop and alternative, the songs walk a thin line between incredibly fresh and very familiar.

The night kicked off with an electrifying set by Sasami that had the audience amped up for Yeule’s set. They came out cranked all the way up with “bloodbunny” and “Electric.” After that, Yeule solidified that the night would be a banger with the one-two punch of “4ui12” and my personal favorite “Cyber Meat.” Everyone was going wild. The title track from their newest album, softscars, slowed things down for a minute.

Fans in the audience came to a standstill when Yeule started playing the beautiful ballad “ghosts.” The vocal is like a whisper on that song, and everyone remained perfectly silent while they performed, just enjoying the talent on stage.

This was my third show in five nights, and the energy from the performance and the spectators really helped keep me going. Yeule understand how to execute a powerful performance, and they delivered a great one at Metro.

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