Lauren Anderson-Love Again

As a lifelong fan of the blues, I’m always excited to hear about a new artist. Even if that artist is about a decade into her career, somehow flying under my radar.

Lauren Anderson, Chicago native building her career in Nashville, has already received critical acclaim for her last album, Burn It All Down the third record in four years she’s released. Now she’s back with a brand new single, “Love Again.”

The song starts and you’re immediately introduced to Anderson’s voice-crystal clear and full, like there’s no other sound in the world. And then that classic rhythm line kicks in and lays the foundation for the soulful ballad you’re about to enjoy.

It’s a wish song, as they say on Broadway, and one that’s so universally relatable that it’s impossible to not connect with Anderson’s emotional delivery.

“I just wanna love someone who knows who I am, without an agenda or plan. I wanna let someone in, someone who cares for my soul. Someone who feels like home.”

It’s a sentiment as old as time itself, and still Anderson makes it feel urgent and compelling. If there’s one easy way to know if an artist is truly talented, it’s their ability to take an idea you’ve heard a million times and make it new again.

Anderson will be on the road for some dates through the end of the year, which you can find on her website.

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