CIMMFest 2017 Preview

It seems crazy, but it’s already CIMMFest time! The music and movie festival takes place from November 9th-12th, with most of the bigger events being held at Davis Theater on Lincoln Ave. 2017 brings the 9th running of this festival, with some bigger names putting in films. The biggest name is Penelope Spheeris, the rock doc legend receiving this year’s Badaaaasssss Award. The music lineup … Continue reading CIMMFest 2017 Preview

CIMM Fest Day 4 Highlights

How do you follow an Evening With Spike Lee at City Winery? With more great films, concerts, and panels of course! Today’s lineup features some really cool discussions early in the day: At noon head over to Emporium Arcade for The Legacy Of Lounge Ax. They’ll be talking about the significance of the rock club that closed its doors 15 years ago. 1st Ward is … Continue reading CIMM Fest Day 4 Highlights

CIMM Fest Day 3 Highlights

   Another day packed with great stuff today, and it’s a weekend so you can get an early start! If you’re done buying vinyl for Record Store Day, check out The Possibilities Are Endless at noon. It’s a doc that follows Orange Juice frontman Edwyn Collins as he struggles to recover after a cerebral hemorrhage wipes his mind clean. Playing at Logan Theatre. One of … Continue reading CIMM Fest Day 3 Highlights

CIMM Fest Day 2 Highlights

   Day 2 of the 7th annual CIMM Fest brings my most anticipated movie of 2015-not Avengers nor Star Wars, I’m talking about Rain The Color Blue With A Little Red In It. This sub-Saharan homage to the Prince classic Purple Rain has my mind abuzz with all the amazing possibilities. It plays late (11:20), so make sure you take a nap early evening so … Continue reading CIMM Fest Day 2 Highlights

Day 1 CIMM Fest Highlights

Today kicks off the 7th annual Chicago International Movies & Music Festival, and they’ve got a great lineup for the first day of viewing. There’s also some awesome bands playing later tonight that you should check out. Below, my picks for which films to see and which concert to hit. If you have the day off from work, you can hit some of the early … Continue reading Day 1 CIMM Fest Highlights