Phillip-Michael Scales Plays Tonic Room 3/21/19

Over the last couple years or so, since he left his stage name behind and started playing under his own, Phillip-Michael Scales has been playing any and every venue. He’s actively looking for his big break rather than passively waiting around doing the same old stuff, and for that I admire him. Some of those gigs require him to play mostly covers, so he’s got … Continue reading Phillip-Michael Scales Plays Tonic Room 3/21/19

Arkells at Bottom Lounge 3/14/19

Last week Arkells came through Chicago looking for the “People’s Champ” on their Rally Cry Tour supporting their latest record of the same name. This was my fifth time catching them in the last three years, and they keep getting better every time. At this point they’re basically playing arena shows in small clubs, just waiting for the booking agents to catch up to what … Continue reading Arkells at Bottom Lounge 3/14/19

Night School-July

I’ve been looking forward to new music from Night School for a while. I was a big fan of their last album, Blush, which finished in my top fifteen for 2016. The new record, Disappear Here, is out early in April. “July” is the first single and it sounds like a real departure from their previous sound. Alexandra Morte penned the song for her daughter … Continue reading Night School-July

Puss N Boots at Martyrs 3/4/19

A couple songs into their set and you’ll understand why Puss N Boots opened it up with “Twilight” by The Band. As three women who can sing and play multiple instruments, the influence of Robbie, Garth, Rick, Levon, and Richard is felt in everything they do. The trio was in Chicago for about a week recording a new album at Wilco’s Loft and put on … Continue reading Puss N Boots at Martyrs 3/4/19

Cherry Glazerr at Bottom Lounge 2/23/19

I first saw Cherry Glazerr a couple years ago at Pitchfork Music Festival. It was raw and powerful, with the same energy that makes their Apocalipstick album so great. They’re on the road again supporting their latest, Stuffed & Ready, which picks up right where they left off. Clementine Creevy matches her ability as a singer/songwriter with her prowess for performance. Her charisma leaps off … Continue reading Cherry Glazerr at Bottom Lounge 2/23/19