Cigarettes After Sex at Thalia Hall 10-16-19

Cigarettes After Sex hit Chicago last night for the first of two sold out shows at Thalia Hall. There’s a new album right around the corner, so fans were excited to hear what Greg Gonzalez had been cooking up for them. After a not-so-great start, the crowd was treated to a beautiful set of songs from the earlier EP and LP, as well as a … Continue reading Cigarettes After Sex at Thalia Hall 10-16-19

Derek Nelson at Schubas 10-10-19

It’s been almost a month since the last time I posted anything here, and now that I’m back we’re right where we left off. Derek Nelson‘s single “U.R.Y.” came out September 20th and last night he played the release show for his new album Richer Soil. I was lucky enough to be in attendance and take some photos. Billed as a solo show, the concert … Continue reading Derek Nelson at Schubas 10-10-19

Derek Nelson-U.R.Y.

Derek Nelson has been one of Chicago’s finest songwriters for about a decade now. He’s been the leader of at least two amazing bands, Derek Nelson & The Musicians and Martin Van Ruin, and is now releasing his debut solo album called Richer Soil. Last week he released the first single, “The Chosen Ones,” and today he is giving me the honor of premiering the … Continue reading Derek Nelson-U.R.Y.

Dead Rituals-Closer

I was lucky enough to receive a transmission from Italian musician Andrea Caccese a few days ago. Inside I found one of my favorite songs of the year so far. The Dead Rituals song “Closer” starts like a power pop cover of Mazzy Star and quickly evolves into an uptempo look at the back and forth of a relationship in various stages. The video, featuring animation … Continue reading Dead Rituals-Closer

Ezra Furman at Lincoln Hall 9/7/19

Eight years ago I interviewed Ezra Furman ahead of the release of Mysterious Power, the last album he made with The Harpoons. Since that day I’ve been a die-hard fan, preaching the gospel of Ezra whenever possible. Fans of quality songwriting are always looking for the next Dylan, and while I don’t think that’s ever going to happen again, this is probably as close as … Continue reading Ezra Furman at Lincoln Hall 9/7/19