Cosmic Bull-Hangin’ In The I.P.

It doesn’t take long for Cosmic Bull’s new record, Hangin’ in the I.P., to find its groove and pull you in. Mark Vickery’s vocals dive in and swim around your head, sounding like a more upbeat Mark Lanegan. Vickery has been making music in Chicago for about 30 years in various bands and solo projects, with Cosmic Bull being the latest. He kicked out a … Continue reading Cosmic Bull-Hangin’ In The I.P.

FLO-Fly Girl (featuring Missy Elliott)

It’s been a while since there was a really great, fun girl group hitting the charts in the US and UK. We’ve been in a solo artist slump for over a decade, so when I heard about FLO, I was immediately intrigued. The trio-Jorja, Stella, and Renee-combine their international backgrounds to create a sound both familiar and new. They bring the bouncing rhythms and vocal … Continue reading FLO-Fly Girl (featuring Missy Elliott)

Kenia OS-House of Blues 3/15/23

I got to House of Blues just a few minutes after doors opened for up-and-coming Mexican singer Kenia OS’s first show in Chicago. The line to get in, which I opted to skip after picking up my photo pass, went around the building, down the block, and past the river. The longest line I’ve ever seen for a show there. I’ve only recently learned about … Continue reading Kenia OS-House of Blues 3/15/23

Abortion Provider Appreciation Day, March 10th

As someone who works for a company that’s been in the news recently due to some terrible policy-making in regards to the drug Mifepristone, I feel like there has never been a better time to celebrate the amazing work the clinics and their staffs do to keep women safe and healthy. Also, probably time to find a new job. Noise For Now and Abortion Care … Continue reading Abortion Provider Appreciation Day, March 10th

Bruce Springsteen-Maria’s Bed

I’m taking off to Milwaukee to see Springsteen in a little bit, and I just wanted to leave this here so people remember this song exists. I’ve always thought “Maria’s Bed” was an absolute banger and never understood why it didn’t connect with a wider audience. Granted Devils & Dust isn’t a rocking album, but this song is a blast. His vocal delivery on it … Continue reading Bruce Springsteen-Maria’s Bed