Lilly Winwood at Chicago Theatre 2/22/18

Last month I reviewed Lilly Winwood’s debut EP, Silver Stage, which came out in Spring of 2017. It’s a good introduction to the sound, pop/folk crafted in Nashville. She’s been touring off and on for a couple years already and the practice proved to have paid off last night when she opened up the show at Chicago Theatre. She didn’t shy away from chatting with … Continue reading Lilly Winwood at Chicago Theatre 2/22/18

Girl Ray at Thalia Hall 2/21/18

Earlier this month I wrote about Girl Ray‘s 2017 record, Earl Grey. Last night I got to see them perform some of those songs as they opened for Porches at Thalia Hall. The show was “In The Round,” so rather than be up on stage, the bands played on a platform in the middle of the main floor. It’s a fun idea, and a more … Continue reading Girl Ray at Thalia Hall 2/21/18

Frontier Ruckus at Bourbon On Division

Last night Frontier Ruckus returned to Chicago for a set upstairs at Bourbon On Division. I’d never heard of the bar until the show was announced, and I’m glad I went because the space is really nice. The sound was great, the stage is nice and low so you’re face to face with the band not looking up like you’re worshiping them. Now performing as … Continue reading Frontier Ruckus at Bourbon On Division

ZZ Ward at House Of Blues 2/9/18

Just a couple weeks shy of five years ago I caught ZZ Ward at Lincoln Hall. She was coming off her debut Til The Casket Drops, and I was interested in hearing her bluesy version of pop music. Harmonica isn’t an instrument a lot of female musicians are famous for playing, but ZZ can wail and I’m always on board for younger audiences checking out … Continue reading ZZ Ward at House Of Blues 2/9/18

The Gold Web at Empty Bottle 12/16/17

When I got home late Saturday night, I was still picking confetti off my jacket. That’s thanks to The Gold Web, who opened for GGOOLLDD at Empty Bottle with one of the most energetic and fun sets I’ve seen all year. They also had balloons, their own smoke machine, and some sweet jams to get the crowd feeling good. It’s been a long time since … Continue reading The Gold Web at Empty Bottle 12/16/17

GGOOLLDD at Empty Bottle 12/16/17

A couple nights ago The Empty Bottle hosted one of the best nights of music I saw all year. Two Chicago bands, The Gold Web and Yoko & The Oh No’s, opened for Milwaukee’s GGOOLLDD. The excitement and fun was felt right off the bat. The Gold Web’s keyboardist/percussion player was shooting confetti all over the place. At one point balloons were released that lingered … Continue reading GGOOLLDD at Empty Bottle 12/16/17

Favorite Photos Of 2017

I took a lot of photos this year. A handful of them were pretty good. These are my favorites, though you can see many more if you’d like by clicking the Flickr area on this page. I’m separating this year into two categories: concert and portrait. I don’t usually do a lot of portrait work, but I had way more opportunities this year. CONCERTS 10.The … Continue reading Favorite Photos Of 2017