The Top 50 Albums Of 2017

2017 started off pretty great, musically speaking. I had a hard time ranking things right off the bat and that continued all the way up until lock time for this post. A lot of my favorite artists put out great records that made the list, but there are a lot of new names here and I’m excited to hear what they do next. 50.¬†(Sandy) Alex … Continue reading The Top 50 Albums Of 2017

Album Of The Year: Honorable Mentions

I kept my list to a neat 50 this year, meaning some albums I really liked didn’t make the cut. They’re still great records, though, so I won’t to list them here in case someone wants to check them out. They won’t be in any specific order so don’t put too much thought into where they are on the list. Laura Marling-Semper Femina Chris Milam-Kids … Continue reading Album Of The Year: Honorable Mentions

The Top Songs Of 2017

I think we can all agree 2017 has been a long decade. For every step forward we took over the past eight years, it seems we’ve taken 2 giant steps back since January. Fortunately, music has continued to be a kind of refuge from the harsh reality we find ourselves inhabiting, and it’s been a pretty good 12 months in that regard. There were only … Continue reading The Top Songs Of 2017

Dunn Dunn Fest Returns Next Week!

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since the last installment of Chicago’s finest multi-venue music festival, Dunn Dunn Fest. The yearly smorgasbord of great music is provided by Harmonica Dunn founder Donnie Biggins. Every year he finds amazing known talent and acts flying under the radar and puts them all together for a crazy three days of discovery and enjoyment. Last year I … Continue reading Dunn Dunn Fest Returns Next Week!