Lydmor-LSD Heart

I’ve always been a big fan of musicians getting out of their comfort zone and trying something new. For an artist who has built their career being an electronic artist, I can’t imagine anything further from comfort than pulling the plugs and playing acoustic. That’s exactly what Jenny Rossander did, tossing aside the luxury of hiding behind loops and whirrs in favor of a more … Continue reading Lydmor-LSD Heart

The Footlight District-Hush

Do you ever get a yearning for loud, gritty 70’s guitar rock? Do you also hate hearing the same five or six Jimmy Page riffs over and over again? Well, you may be in luck because The Footlight District is making music for you. Their latest single, “Hush,” walks a line between that brash sound of Zeppelin and Heart with the sweet harmonies of The … Continue reading The Footlight District-Hush


As an introduction to a new band and their many talents, GroupChat’s debut album works very well. They hit different styles and the seven members all get moments to show off what they can do. As a coherent piece of music that’s easy to digest, it doesn’t work as much. There’s no consistency, which breaks up the flow of the album, which might have benefited … Continue reading GroupChat-GroupChat

The Alright Maybes-Gone

Summer has officially arrived, and with it a new song from Chicago’s The Alright Maybes that you’ll be blasting at every barbecue, beach hang, and late night drive for the next few months. The warmth of the guitars and bouncy shuffle of the drums will bring a smile to your sun-dappled face every time you hear it. The band have created a beautiful retro sound, … Continue reading The Alright Maybes-Gone

Eyelids-The Accidental Falls

Somehow an album that features production by R.E.M.’s Peter Buck and musicians who have played with The Decemberists, Guided By Voices, and Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks flew under my radar when it was released in 2020. Just found it in the last week or so because the band, Eyelids, is playing a show up in Evanston at SPACE opening for Split Single. A real … Continue reading Eyelids-The Accidental Falls