Benny Bassett-Words For Yesterday

  Quitting is super easy. When you’ve put your heart and soul into something and it isn’t going your way, there is literally nothing easier than throwing your hands up and screaming “Screw it!!” If you put all the deserted dreams in a row, it could sadly wrap around Earth a million times. So when someone sticks it out and finds success after years of … Continue reading Benny Bassett-Words For Yesterday

Mike Adams At His Honest Weight-Pressing Mesh

I get sent a lot of music. Sometimes it’s not up my alley, sometimes I like it but don’t have time to write, and sometimes a song or video hits me at just the right time and I feel like I have to let people know about it immediately. “Pressing Mesh” is definitely in the last category, which is why your Monday is starting with … Continue reading Mike Adams At His Honest Weight-Pressing Mesh

Titus Andronicus-(I Blame) Society

Titus Andronicus has been one of my favorite bands over the last decade. Patrick Stickles and his constantly changing band hit the sweet spot between folk and punk that I love, and the live show is as good as it gets. Yesterday Merge announced a new record, An Obelisk, coming out June 21st and gave us our first taste with “(I Blame) Society).” The new … Continue reading Titus Andronicus-(I Blame) Society

Phillip-Michael Scales Plays Tonic Room 3/21/19

Over the last couple years or so, since he left his stage name behind and started playing under his own, Phillip-Michael Scales has been playing any and every venue. He’s actively looking for his big break rather than passively waiting around doing the same old stuff, and for that I admire him. Some of those gigs require him to play mostly covers, so he’s got … Continue reading Phillip-Michael Scales Plays Tonic Room 3/21/19