Little Junior-I Really Like You

Shot-for-shot remakes aren’t a sure bet. Look no further than the abomination that is Gus Van Sant’s attempt at remaking Psycho. However, sometimes they can work and even improve upon the original. Case in point, Little Junior’s video for their cover of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “I Really Like You.” The original is a fun lark with Tom Hanks being adored by fans (is it a … Continue reading Little Junior-I Really Like You

Fujiya & Miyagi at Lincoln Hall 4/3/18

More than 15 years into a career, one could expect some complacency from a band that’s had some success. That isn’t the case with Fujiya & Miyagi. Last night at Lincoln Hall they delivered an 18-song set that was tight and inspired. They don’t tour a ton and they’ve added new members over the past few years, so everything felt fresh and exciting. One thing … Continue reading Fujiya & Miyagi at Lincoln Hall 4/3/18

Laura Veirs-Lightning Rod

Remember I’m aware it still exists but I don’t know anyone who still uses it. Five or six years have gone by since the last time I scrobbled my recent plays. I did discover some great stuff through them, though, and Laura Veirs is one of the better ones. Around the time Bella Union re-issued her album The Triumphs And Travails Of Orphan Mae … Continue reading Laura Veirs-Lightning Rod