Jean-Baptiste “Rain”

I received a very short and polite email ten days ago from a rapper who goes by the name Jean-Baptiste. He stated that he considers “Rain” to be a fight song, and I couldn’t agree more. I’m keeping this post brief, but don’t think for a second I don’t love this track. After a super 70’s vibe to kick off “Rain,” Jean-Baptiste spits bars that … Continue reading Jean-Baptiste “Rain”

GROW: A Compilation In Solidarity With Black Lives Matter

As someone who would like to think that every cloud has a silver lining, I’ve been appreciating all the work artists have been doing to raise money and awareness for Black Lives Matter and others across the country who need help. I’ve donated as much as I could while on the dole, and will get back to supporting those organizations in need when I get … Continue reading GROW: A Compilation In Solidarity With Black Lives Matter

Pinkerton Raid-Jefferson Davis Highway

The United States Of America is a weird place. The founders built the country on the ideals of a democracy a couple hundred years ago, and we still haven’t quite figured out what that means. Now, in the grand scheme of things The US is relatively new to the game. Democracy has been around for 2,600 years, with lots of hiccups along the way. So … Continue reading Pinkerton Raid-Jefferson Davis Highway

The Steak House Mints-Don’t Let The Russian Bots Win

Donald Trump is a racist, human-shaped pile of garbage. I’m not surprised he slurs his words so often, as I imagine it’s hard to talk with all the bullshit in his mouth. He lies. Always. If his lips are moving, he’s lying. I don’t even know if it can be considered gaslighting anymore. If the people are still falling for his tricks, maybe it’s on … Continue reading The Steak House Mints-Don’t Let The Russian Bots Win

The Vahnevants-Freakout People

Way, way back in the beforetime of January 2020 The Vahnevants released a record called Freakout People. It was brought to my attention at the beginning of August, but in Covid time that could mean yesterday, so I’m trying to not feel too bad about putting it off so long. I actually listened to it five or six times shortly after receiving it and then … Continue reading The Vahnevants-Freakout People