Sons Of An Illustrious Father-“Sons Of An Illustrious Father”

I haven’t dug around too much to learn the history of it, but bands naming songs after themselves is one of my favorite things. There are some great examples in the 70’s, most notably “Bad Company” and “Black Sabbath.”  Lots of metal and punk bands were doing it in the 80’s. Belle and Sebastian did it in the 90’s. Most recently, Titus Andronicus did it … Continue reading Sons Of An Illustrious Father-“Sons Of An Illustrious Father”

The Felice Brothers-Undress

It’s been just under three years since the last album from The Felice Brothers. It was the end, in a lot of ways, of their under-the-radar career. They’ve been dragged into the mainstream, somewhat, by their musical collaborations with Conor Oberst. On Salutations they beefed up the solo piano tunes from Conor’s Ruminations while bringing the heat on songs like “Napalm.” Their fanbase opened up … Continue reading The Felice Brothers-Undress

Benny Bassett-Words For Yesterday

  Quitting is super easy. When you’ve put your heart and soul into something and it isn’t going your way, there is literally nothing easier than throwing your hands up and screaming “Screw it!!” If you put all the deserted dreams in a row, it could sadly wrap around Earth a million times. So when someone sticks it out and finds success after years of … Continue reading Benny Bassett-Words For Yesterday