Jain at Metro 10/21/18

Last night French singer/beat maker Jain brought her tour to Chicago. She’s been playing across the US in support of her latest album, Souldier, which came out back in August. She performed alone, with a podium and a pedal for her digital sounds and loops. A projector played pleasant images behind her to go along with some of the songs, while her lighting rig lit … Continue reading Jain at Metro 10/21/18

Kim Petras at Chicago Theatre 10/19/18

Troye Sivan’s Bloom tour came to Chicago last night, but the spotlight was brightest for opened Kim Petras. Hot off the release of a new EP, the crowd reaction when Petras took the stage felt like the second coming of the Beatles. Despite being a seated event, the crowd filled the aisles and pushed forward as far as they could to get close to the … Continue reading Kim Petras at Chicago Theatre 10/19/18

Noah Cyrus at House Of Blues 10/7/18

I hadn’t heard of Noah Cyrus until a couple months ago when she popped up on my Spotify Discover playlist. I don’t remember which song it was, but I thought it was fine, nothing special. Then last month she released a single with Gallant from her Good Cry EP that I found to be really good. So when I got the opportunity to shoot this … Continue reading Noah Cyrus at House Of Blues 10/7/18

K Flay at Concord Music Hall 9/15/18

K Flay followed up her appearance at Riot Fest on Friday with an after show at Concord Music Hall in Chicago Saturday night. It’s taken a few years for the mainstream to catch up with her talent, but 2017 was a huge turning point for the rapper/producer/songwriter. She’s been featured in TV commercials for Nissan and the NBA playoffs. My favorite drop was when “Blood … Continue reading K Flay at Concord Music Hall 9/15/18

Rotem Sivan at House Of Blues 9/12/18

Rotem Sivan, virtuosic guitar master, came to Chicago last night for an opening slot with White Denim. Throwing the term “jazz” in front of the word “guitar” might give some people pause, but there’s a good reason a rock band would want him to warm up their crowd. The stereotypical Lounge-style jazz does not interest Rotem Sivan. Instead he and the others in his trio … Continue reading Rotem Sivan at House Of Blues 9/12/18