More Giraffes-Not Cool

Over the summer I posted about a demo version of “Basement” that More Giraffes shared. Now the LA-based duo are back with another song from their upcoming EP (release date TBA). “Not Cool” is a fun pop song, and the video they’ve made to accompany it could not do it justice any better. Mark Hadley and Keeley Bumford have a great musical chemistry together and … Continue reading More Giraffes-Not Cool

Noah Cyrus at House Of Blues 10/7/18

I hadn’t heard of Noah Cyrus until a couple months ago when she popped up on my Spotify Discover playlist. I don’t remember which song it was, but I thought it was fine, nothing special. Then last month she released a single with Gallant from her Good Cry EP that I found to be really good. So when I got the opportunity to shoot this … Continue reading Noah Cyrus at House Of Blues 10/7/18

Tangerine-Local Mall

Back in 2014 Tangerine put out a couple tracks on an EP called Behemoth! One of those songs, “Nothing Better,” landed on my list of best songs for that year. Since then they’ve released a couple singles and transitioned from Seattle to Los Angeles. “Local Mall” is the first new music from their upcoming EP White Dove, which comes out 10/19. The band directed the … Continue reading Tangerine-Local Mall

CIFF Capsule Review: Olympia

McKenzie Chinn has been a rising star of stage and screen in Chicago for a while now. Olympia, which she wrote and produced, could be the breakout she needs to go to the next level. The film deals with romantic relationships, artistic integrity, and loss as the main character transitions into her 30’s. As a writer, Chinn has a flare for getting to the root … Continue reading CIFF Capsule Review: Olympia

The O’Mys at Park West 9/28/18

It had been a little over a year since the last time I saw The O’Mys perform. Last summer they were playing one of the side stages at Lollapalooza and brought the festival to a new level of soul with their songs. Last Friday at Park West was their biggest show as a band since that festival, and their biggest headlining club show. They packed … Continue reading The O’Mys at Park West 9/28/18