Arkells at Lincoln Hall 11/3/2017

Arkells play with the same heart and energy in a sold-out venue that holds 1,000 or a poorly attended show in a tiny bar. I’ve never seen the latter happen, but I have seen them at three different-sized places and the vibe was exactly the same each time. They’re entertainers there to put on a show, and they do not disappoint. ​ ​ A band … Continue reading Arkells at Lincoln Hall 11/3/2017

N.E.R.D. featuring Rihanna-“Lemon”

It’s been a while since we last heard from N.E.R.D. Other than some music on the Spongebob Squarepants soundtrack, the group hasn’t released anything since 2010. They worked with Nelly Furtado for “Hot-n-Fun” then, and now they’ve got Rihanna joining them for “Lemon.” It isn’t the best work they’ve done, though it is fun to listen to Rihanna rap over their beats. I’m glad they’re … Continue reading N.E.R.D. featuring Rihanna-“Lemon”

The National at House Of Vans 10/30/2017

Despite pretty steady touring over the past decade, I had only seen The National once before last night. I caught them in 2009 at First Ave in Minneapolis. Since then I’ve been kind of down on the band, with High Violet and Trouble Will Find Me failing to live up to my expectations. Sleep Well Beast, which I’ve only had the chance to hear once … Continue reading The National at House Of Vans 10/30/2017

CIMMFest 2017 Preview

It seems crazy, but it’s already CIMMFest time! The music and movie festival takes place from November 9th-12th, with most of the bigger events being held at Davis Theater on Lincoln Ave. 2017 brings the 9th running of this festival, with some bigger names putting in films. The biggest name is Penelope Spheeris, the rock doc legend receiving this year’s Badaaaasssss Award. The music lineup … Continue reading CIMMFest 2017 Preview

The Strumbellas at Thalia Hall 10/19/2017

I first heard about The Strumbellas at a music festival in Toronto back in 2014. Unfortunately, they were playing the same time as another group I wanted to see. So finally, over three years later, on Thursday night I got to see the Canadian Americana band take the stage at Thalia Hall. The band did not disappoint, playing a set filled with the hits from … Continue reading The Strumbellas at Thalia Hall 10/19/2017

Noah Kahan at Thalia Hall 10/19/2017

If you’re unfamiliar with Noah Kahan right now, I’m not surprised. I was not aware of him myself until I saw he’d be opening shows for The Strumbellas on their current tour. After listening to the few songs he has out on Spotify, it was not surprising that the band would choose the Vermont-born singer/songwriter to warm up their crowds. He plays a similar kind … Continue reading Noah Kahan at Thalia Hall 10/19/2017