Pitchfork 2023 Day 2 Recap

There seems to be one day every festival that starts out normal and quickly descends into chaos. For 2023, that day was Saturday. Already the weakest in my view, the weather decided to have some fun with all the music lovers who showed up in time to catch MJ Lenderman. That didn’t include me, of course. No, my Saturday started off with a large popcorn … Continue reading Pitchfork 2023 Day 2 Recap

Pitchfork 2023 Day 1 Recap

In my pre-Pitchfork post I talked about the joys of not showing up too early. Now that it’s over, I would like to say that leaving early is also really great. Fortunately the undercard provided a lot of great entertainment, especially Sunday. I ended up getting to the fest a little earlier than I had hoped, because I wanted to catch Sen Morimoto who I … Continue reading Pitchfork 2023 Day 1 Recap

Procrastinator’s Guide To Pitchfork 2023

I apologize to the programmers of Pitchfork, and every music festival, but I am not showing up early. It’s a struggle just to get out of bed in the morning. Then I have to do all the stuff that past me decided could wait until tomorrow, stupid past me. It’s gonna be a good three to four hours from the time I wake up before … Continue reading Procrastinator’s Guide To Pitchfork 2023

Nils Bloch-I Blink You Disappear

It’s been about a year since Nils Bloch released his debut EP, In Amber Light. Now he’s preparing his first full-length album, which will feature this single, “I Blink You Disappear.” I was a big fan of his output in 2022, and his initial offering of 2023 stands up to the high bar he set. While the summer is generally a time for bangers and … Continue reading Nils Bloch-I Blink You Disappear

Daniel Ellsworth-Blurry

There was a time, not that long ago (if you consider it relative to the entirety of time) that Daniel Ellsworth was a pretty regular staple of this website. His band, Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes were featured here often. It’s been almost 5 years since the last post about him, and that’s really a shame because he’s a fantastic songwriter. He’s been working … Continue reading Daniel Ellsworth-Blurry