Dizzy at Schubas 9/30/2017

Dizzy are currently touring with Tei Shi around North America, opening up the evenings with some of their new music. I’d never heard of the Toronto-based quartet before, which makes sense because they recently changed their name from Good Ghost. They spent part of the summer recording their debut record, and the songs they played off it Saturday night at Schubas were definitely ones I … Continue reading Dizzy at Schubas 9/30/2017

Dan Rico-Flesh & Bone

The greatest joys in life come at you unexpectedly, and that is the case with the new single from Dan Rico. Despite being a Chicago-based singer/songwriter, I was completely unfamiliar with him until a couple days ago. His brash garage-pop is immensely enjoyable. It feels like a basement freak out with your friends, only with much better results. The guitar sounds harken back to Marc … Continue reading Dan Rico-Flesh & Bone

Lindsey Stirling-Warmer In The Winter

It’s near the end of September and I’ve just received my first press release for a new album of Christmas music that’s coming out next month. After years of working in restaurants and retail spaces where they force the workers to listen to Christmas music from Thanksgiving to Christmas Day every year, I try to avoid any kind of holiday tunes as much as possible. … Continue reading Lindsey Stirling-Warmer In The Winter

Jonny Lang at House Of Blues 9/23/2017

The day before Jonny Lang turned 16 he released his major-label debut. Later that year I also turned 16, and spent much of the summer blaring Lie To Me out of the surprisingly capable speakers of my red 1991 Pontiac Sunbird (affectionately called “The Fiery Chariot Of The Sun God” by its wonderful passengers). Ever since, I’ve felt a strange bond with Lang’s music. He … Continue reading Jonny Lang at House Of Blues 9/23/2017

The Fox & The Hounds at Beat Kitchen 9/22/2017

Chicago’s The Fox & The Hounds were a late addition to the bill at Beat Kitchen on Friday. Word didn’t come until early Thursday, but the band was able to take full advantage of the opportunity. This was my first time seeing them live after many missed chances over the past couple of years. Their energy and passion is boundless, and they’re only interest seems … Continue reading The Fox & The Hounds at Beat Kitchen 9/22/2017

Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas at Beat Kitchen 9/22/17

I’ve been following the career of Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas for a few years now. When they put out a live EP in 2014, Jessica did a little piece for me about the artists who influenced her music. The band has a great sound, mixing garage rock and blues with a bit of punk attitude. On their latest release, the double album Telephone/Telefono, they’ve … Continue reading Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas at Beat Kitchen 9/22/17