Chris Milam-In The Blood

It’s been a few years since I met Chris Milam outside the Uncommon Ground (on Clark) here in Chicago. He was promoting his very good album Kids These Days and we had a nice talk about everything other than that. My takeaway was that he’s a good guy, great songwriter, and seems to be genuinely interested in a lot of different things. He’s had what … Continue reading Chris Milam-In The Blood

Jess Williamson-Infinite Scroll

Since we’ve all been in isolation I’ve found it very difficult to get motivated to do anything at all. True inspiration is even more rare. Thank goodness we have Jess Williamson out there getting things done so that we don’t have to. “Infinite Scroll” is the second single off her new album, Sorceress, which comes out on my birthday, May 15th. The accompanying video is … Continue reading Jess Williamson-Infinite Scroll

Opus Orange-Miles From Nowhere

I’m not sure if it’s the beauty of the backing vocals or the hours I currently spend looking longingly out my windows, but this video really hit me hard. Filmed and edited on VHS, Opus Orange takes us on a little hike out in the hills and trees. The landscape is beautiful and provides a good visual to show the feeling of isolating in the … Continue reading Opus Orange-Miles From Nowhere