Video Premiere: “You And Your Shadow” by Kate Schell

Earlier this year Kate Schell put out a great record called Past Present Future, her first release since her former band, Paper Thick Walls, parted ways. It’s made its way in and out of my personal Top 25 albums of 2019 over the months, but it is currently in and definitely worth your time. I’m honored to be premiering the video for “You And Your … Continue reading Video Premiere: “You And Your Shadow” by Kate Schell

Arkells at Sleeping Village 8/3/19

I’ve covered Arkells shows a bunch in the last few years, so I doubt I have anything new to say about them. They impress me every time I catch a show. They lean into the political, unlike a lot of bands. Rally Cry might be the best Canadian album ever to deal with American politics. They call out Trump and his dangerous rhetoric and actions … Continue reading Arkells at Sleeping Village 8/3/19

Michigander at Sleeping Village 8/3/19

It may be easy to figure out where Michigander is from, but it’s much harder to pinpoint where Jason Singer’s project fits in the soundscape of music today. He blends rock and pop together in a way that is somehow both and neither at the same time. His ear for melody is solid, with lyrics that range from broken-hearted to hopeless romanticism. Here in Chicago, … Continue reading Michigander at Sleeping Village 8/3/19

SuperKnova-American Queers

Last night I had the opportunity to see SuperKnova play some songs off her new album American Queers. I’ve been listening to it for a few days, with it’s official release yesterday before the show started. It’s a unique album, combining pop/rock/electronic music in a way that hasn’t previously been done this well. Ellie Kim, the lone singer/songwriter/instrumentalist on the album, has a knack for … Continue reading SuperKnova-American Queers

Pitchfork Music Festival 2019: Day 3

A brief delay opened day 3 of Pitchfork after some weather popped up causing alarm after the hour-plus delay during the previous day’s festivities. It didn’t have any effect on my schedule, as I wasn’t planning to get there until after 3pm anyway. Sunday’s are usually the day I show up latest, and the schedule afforded me that luxury by not booking any of my … Continue reading Pitchfork Music Festival 2019: Day 3