Haley Heynderickx at The Vic 11/7/18

Back in March Haley Henderickx put out her debut LP, I Need To Start A Garden, which appeared in the first edition of my Records Of The Year page. Seven months later the album is still sitting comfortably in my list of the 50 best albums of 2018. Despite my enjoyment of her music, last night at The Vic was my first opportunity to see … Continue reading Haley Heynderickx at The Vic 11/7/18

Lauren Rocket-Diamond Nights

I first saw Lauren Rocket playing keys with Night Terrors Of 1927 a few years ago. Since then she’s been slowly but surely working on her solo career. About a week ago she posted the first video for new music. “Diamond Nights” gives us an idea of what to expect from upcoming tunes. The video is a sun-drenched glimpse at Nevada is all it’s neon … Continue reading Lauren Rocket-Diamond Nights

Juanes at House Of Blues 11/1/18

For a brief time in the mid-2000’s I was working primarily with a woman from Mexico and a man from Guatemala. They would always arrive to work before me, and the radio would be on one of the Latin stations. I didn’t speak any Spanish and had never really listened to any music not sung in English (other than The Gypsy Kings cover of “Hotel … Continue reading Juanes at House Of Blues 11/1/18

An Interview With Lindi Ortega

Way back in March of this year Lindi Ortega put out a brilliant album you may have missed called Liberty. The songs are all great and it’s structured as a narrative story, so you’re rewarded for listening from beginning to end. This weekend she comes to SPACE in Evanston to play a show in support of the album, and I had the opportunity to submit … Continue reading An Interview With Lindi Ortega