Puss N Boots at Martyrs 3/4/19

A couple songs into their set and you’ll understand why Puss N Boots opened it up with “Twilight” by The Band. As three women who can sing and play multiple instruments, the influence of Robbie, Garth, Rick, Levon, and Richard is felt in everything they do. The trio was in Chicago for about a week recording a new album at Wilco’s Loft and put on … Continue reading Puss N Boots at Martyrs 3/4/19

Cherry Glazerr at Bottom Lounge 2/23/19

I first saw Cherry Glazerr a couple years ago at Pitchfork Music Festival. It was raw and powerful, with the same energy that makes their Apocalipstick album so great. They’re on the road again supporting their latest, Stuffed & Ready, which picks up right where they left off. Clementine Creevy matches her ability as a singer/songwriter with her prowess for performance. Her charisma leaps off … Continue reading Cherry Glazerr at Bottom Lounge 2/23/19

G Jones at Concord Music Hall 2/21/19

If you don’t know who G Jones is, I’m sure you’re not alone. However, you would’ve felt extremely out of place Thursday night at Concord Music Hall. After sets by Chee and Tsuruda that went a little too long for me, Jones took the stage to a thunderous applause from the crowd of just under a thousand people. He’s a lean figure standing up there … Continue reading G Jones at Concord Music Hall 2/21/19

Predicting The 91st Academy Awards

Thanks to subscription services like Moviepass, AMC A-List, Netflix, and others, I was able to see more new releases in 2018 than any year previous. I didn’t see everything, of course, but I saw a lot. All the nominees in the major categories and a bunch that I felt were better films that got overlooked. Below, find my picks in bold, as well as some … Continue reading Predicting The 91st Academy Awards

The Fuss-Loving Family

At a time when families are being ripped apart, both physically and emotionally, it’s good to hear a song like “Loving Family.” A mother protecting her child and doing what it takes to provide for them is a story that’s been told before, but not put so straightforward in song. Joey Lyons, who wrote, produced, and mixed this track, had this to say about its … Continue reading The Fuss-Loving Family