The Alright Maybes-Gone

Summer has officially arrived, and with it a new song from Chicago’s The Alright Maybes that you’ll be blasting at every barbecue, beach hang, and late night drive for the next few months. The warmth of the guitars and bouncy shuffle of the drums will bring a smile to your sun-dappled face every time you hear it. The band have created a beautiful retro sound, … Continue reading The Alright Maybes-Gone

Summer Twins-“Demons” (Video)

   As summer’s warmth fades and the dead leaves gather on the cooling ground, it’s nice to have a video like “Demons” by Summer Twins to soften the transition to the eventual winter. The clip goes to some weird places as the trippy 60’s pop plays. It’s part The Monkees, part elementary school Thanksgiving re-enactment. The song is really good, which is important, but the … Continue reading Summer Twins-“Demons” (Video)

Ultimate Painting-“Ten Street”

I know very little about the band Ultimate Painting, but I know enough. Their blend of surf-rock groove and trippy psych-pop is a perfect mix to get your day started or to set you off for a night of wandering to no place in particular. If you’ve dug the stuff Temples has put out so far, you’ll definitely dig this band. Check out the song … Continue reading Ultimate Painting-“Ten Street”

Oh! My Blackbird-Violet EP

It’s been a little over a year since Oh! My Blackbird released their first full-length, Dare Me. I thought that album was a sweet piece of folk pop confection that ended up ranked in my top 50 albums of 2012. I’ve been wondering when they would return, and whether they would keep with the style the do so well or change it up a bit. … Continue reading Oh! My Blackbird-Violet EP