90 Pounds Of Pete-“Promiseland” (VIDEO)

A couple weeks back, Pete Martin released the second single from his electro-dance project 90 Pounds Of Pete. We posted the first video, “Arms,” here a couple months ago, and I’m glad we didn’t have to wait too long before we got another tune from Martin. More good news for the former Young Jesus drummer, as his old band was inexplicably included in a Rolling … Continue reading 90 Pounds Of Pete-“Promiseland” (VIDEO)

They Shoot Videos, Don’t They?

I remember when I was younger watching music videos was something like a religious experience. Every day after school kids would rush home to act as the congregation for reverend Carson Daly as he sermonized the MTV-anointed popular music for us. The show changed the music industry in it’s own way. Instead of having a few really movie-quality videos, everyone had to have one. And … Continue reading They Shoot Videos, Don’t They?