Top 20 Albums of 2011: Part One 20-11

Originally¬† I was just going to do a top ten and be done with it. I got my ten selected, took a look, and thought about how much music got left off. It isn’t 20-11’s fault that so much great music came out this year, so why punish them? Last year I separated things into lists for local bands and national acts. This year I’ve … Continue reading Top 20 Albums of 2011: Part One 20-11

Abigail Washburn-City of Refuge

Today is my day off. I’ve been sitting around doing not much of anything, but I’m trying to not waste the whole day away. I’ve been listening to a lot of things lately, but I return to this album by Abigail Washburn more than most others. An Illinois native who plays the banjo and sings songs like the 20th century never occurred, she puts a … Continue reading Abigail Washburn-City of Refuge