Your 2015 Grammy Nominees Are Here, Weak

As you might have suspected, I listen to a lot of music throughout the year. Even though the Grammys have a funky schedule for what is eligible in a year and tends to focus on radio-friendly fare to keep John and Jill Q Public interested in watching their awards broadcast, I try to listen to as many of the nominees as possible. This year I … Continue reading Your 2015 Grammy Nominees Are Here, Weak

One-sentence Reviews 5/7/2015

   Such Jubilee by Mandolin Orange-A nice listen if you’re alone in a canoe letting the river carry you to an unknown destination. Painted Shut by Hop Along-If The Go-Go’s and Sleater-Kinney formed a supergroup that no one cared about, it would probably sound like this. The Waterfall by My Morning Jacket-I never thought I’d be looking back fondly at the solo work from Jim James. MC III by … Continue reading One-sentence Reviews 5/7/2015

Hurray For The Riff Raff-Look Out Mama


Back in August of last year I did a short write up on the band Hurray For The Riff Raff. I had stumbled upon a release that combined some of their earlier EP’s into one full-length record and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Because it was really more of a compilation, there were definitely parts that seemed disjointed but it was all the same style and fit together sonically. At that time they were still well under the radar, with no one really talking about their music other than lead singer Alynda Lee Segarra’s work on the HBO series “Treme.” Now, with the title-track/lead single making it’s way around radio and blogs, Look Out Mama is looking to be a big hit for the band I said “catches the essence of America so brilliantly.” Continue reading “Hurray For The Riff Raff-Look Out Mama”