By Surprise-Criteria 7″

I’m a couple weeks behind on this release, but I think you’ll be happy with this release regardless of when you hear it. This new three song 7″ was released on January 15th on Topshelf, and it’s already garnered some good buzz. I was sent one of the songs to check out and immediately knew that I would like it. There’s something about this small … Continue reading By Surprise-Criteria 7″

The Sweeps-The Terrible Children

When I first started offering bands the opportunity to submit their material to me, there was a thought that kept going through my head: “What if they’re all terrible??” A silly thought, of course. The law of averages says that they couldn’t ALL be bad. And that turned out to be true. Of the submissions received so far, I don’t think any of them have … Continue reading The Sweeps-The Terrible Children