The last time we checked in with Bummer, they had a new video starring Allison Scagliotti for their song “Low.” Now they’re back with a new single ahead of their self-titled EP coming out April 8th, and it couldn’t be more different. While “Low” was a more ambient tune that built on a beat and vocals, “wayisound” is a grungy rocker filled with guitars and … Continue reading Bummer-“wayisound”

Jon Drake And The Shakes-Dear Ulysses

I haven’t always been the kindest person to Jon Drake And The Shakes. In the past I’ve had some disparaging words for them. Over the past week or two I’ve been listening to their new album, Dear Ulysses, and dreading the moment when I have to eat crow and admit that I was wrong about them. Not only do I like this new release, due … Continue reading Jon Drake And The Shakes-Dear Ulysses