The Chambermaids-Whatever Happened Tomorrow

The Chambermaids are a seemingly ever-evolving outfit from Minneapolis. They’ve been making music for a decade in various combinations of people, the one constant being brother and sister duo Neil and Martha Weir. Whatever Happened Tomorrow is their third full-length, and their third release on Guilt Ridden Pop following two singles last year. It’s an album that doesn’t like to stay in one place too … Continue reading The Chambermaids-Whatever Happened Tomorrow

Mister Lies at Schubas 10/10/2013

I generally don’t go in for sets when it’s just going to be a guy behind a laptop. I listened to Mister Lies new release Mowgli and decided to check him out because there is something in his music that gets into your head. He was doing an opening set for the Montreal band Young Galaxy, and it didn’t seem like there was much interest … Continue reading Mister Lies at Schubas 10/10/2013

Porcelain Raft at Schubas 9/12/2013

Last month Mauro Remiddi released a new album as Porcelain Raft called Permanent Signal. I hadn’t really cared for his previous two efforts, last year’s Strange Weekend and the 2011 EP Gone Blind. In 2012 he toured with Youth Lagoon, and I saw a lot of similarities in the two. With the new album, Remiddi breaks free of that comparison and makes a more compelling … Continue reading Porcelain Raft at Schubas 9/12/2013

Phedre-“Ancient Nouveau”

In accordance with my ongoing effort to always be two days behind Consequence Of Sound, I would like to introduce you to Phedre. You probably already know front man Daniel Lee from Hooded Fang. With this project, he and Hooded Fang bassist April Aliermo team up with some friends to take a turn away from aggressive guitar rock toward beats and vocal loops. I actually … Continue reading Phedre-“Ancient Nouveau”

Bummer-“Low” (Video)

Seldom do I like a video that is based mostly on interpretive dance. Somehow the combination of new Chicago band Bummer and star of television’s Warehouse 13 Allison Scagliotti works. Maybe it’s because she’s also in one of my favorite episodes of Party Down, “Taylor Stiltskin’s Sweet 16.” I don’t know if she’s had training in ballet or not, but her dancing seems like she … Continue reading Bummer-“Low” (Video)