Mamby On The Beach Day 1

Mamby On The Beach is a bit odd compared to other music festivals. Unlike React’s Spring Awakening, Mamby isn’t purely an electronic music fest, though the crossover of fans seems pretty high. This year’s lineup brings out a decent amount of rap and electronic artists, but many of them blend the two together. And then you have bands like Animal Collective and Wild Belle that … Continue reading Mamby On The Beach Day 1

Riot Fest Chicago-Who To See In 2013

With a name like Riot Fest, you’d think the only bands that would be playing sound like Cannibal Corpse or Megadeth. The festival actually does a really good job of mixing it up-maybe more so than a lot of the “bigger” festivals that come through Chicago on a yearly basis. There are some hard rock/metal bands, but there’s also room for hip-hop, post-punk, and straight … Continue reading Riot Fest Chicago-Who To See In 2013