Predicting The 91st Academy Awards

Thanks to subscription services like Moviepass, AMC A-List, Netflix, and others, I was able to see more new releases in 2018 than any year previous. I didn’t see everything, of course, but I saw a lot. All the nominees in the major categories and a bunch that I felt were better films that got overlooked. Below, find my picks in bold, as well as some … Continue reading Predicting The 91st Academy Awards

Music.Defined. Picks The Grammy Winners (or at least attempts to)

I’ve done this the past couple years, and my track record is NOT good. I don’t think I’ve gone over 50% correct yet, but that’s not discouraging me. This year there is some really good music nominated, so I’m hoping that even if I choose incorrectly somebody deserving wins. Picks for who I want to win will be in Italics. Who I think WILL win … Continue reading Music.Defined. Picks The Grammy Winners (or at least attempts to)

The 2015 Emmys: I Have Opinions

   There’s a pretty great crop of nominees at this year’s Emmys, so I guess whoever it is that does the nominating did a good job. There’s also a lot of garbage that got nominated due to its popularity, for that I say SHAME! Whoever it is that makes Emmy nominations should feel embarrassed for themselves and the television community as a whole. The Lead … Continue reading The 2015 Emmys: I Have Opinions

Grammy Predictions 2015

If you’ve seen any of my predictions (Oscars, Golden Globes, previous Grammys), you know I struggle to reach 50% right. This year I’m trying something different-going against my better judgement and picking terrible songs and artists to win. What I think will win will be in BOLD. What I think SHOULD win will be in italics. RECORD OF THE YEAR Fancy-Iggy Azalea Featuring Charli XCX … Continue reading Grammy Predictions 2015