80/35 Portraits

I’m not big on doing portraits most of the time. I’m not a great poser of people. But, 80/35 gave me a great opportunity to shoot some people that are amazingly talented and humble and collaborative. I wanted to feature as many local bands as I could, and I hope that I accomplished that. Raven Lenae (local to me in Chicago) Patrick Tape-Fleming and Chris … Continue reading 80/35 Portraits

Hiber at Ribfest 6/12/2016

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to catch Hiber‘s first show ever. The Future Laureates frontman Danny Surico assembled a great group around him featuring Hemmingbirds Yoo Soo Kim and Dan Lieber (Ezra Lange took over bass duties for this show). Today they took the stage at one of Chicago’s great institutions, Ribfest. They played a mix of old Laureates songs and new stuff … Continue reading Hiber at Ribfest 6/12/2016