Sons Of An Illustrious Father-“Sons Of An Illustrious Father”

I haven’t dug around too much to learn the history of it, but bands naming songs after themselves is one of my favorite things. There are some great examples in the 70’s, most notably “Bad Company” and “Black Sabbath.”  Lots of metal and punk bands were doing it in the 80’s. Belle and Sebastian did it in the 90’s. Most recently, Titus Andronicus did it … Continue reading Sons Of An Illustrious Father-“Sons Of An Illustrious Father”

Favorite Photos Of 2017

I took a lot of photos this year. A handful of them were pretty good. These are my favorites, though you can see many more if you’d like by clicking the Flickr area on this page. I’m separating this year into two categories: concert and portrait. I don’t usually do a lot of portrait work, but I had way more opportunities this year. CONCERTS 10.The … Continue reading Favorite Photos Of 2017

Chance The Rapper At Pitchfork

“I’m Back.” Those simple words lit up above the stage on a giant screen, announcing Chance The Rapper’s homecoming for an audience bigger than any I’ve seen at Pitchfork. The hometown boy delivered the goods, announcing “We’re gonna be playing some songs off my mixtape Acid Rap.” The audience went wild, as you might expect considering Chance is the city’s biggest prospect since Kanye moved … Continue reading Chance The Rapper At Pitchfork

Lauren Calve-Between The Creek And The Tracks

Lauren Calve‘s voice emerges on Between The Creek And The Tracks like a rugged angel. The bluesy Americana EP is Calve’s first, which is surprising due to its accomplished sound. You would never guess that Calve has only been seriously writing and playing music for a couple of years. The songs are rich and textured making good use of all the players on the record. … Continue reading Lauren Calve-Between The Creek And The Tracks

Mooner At Schubas 1/4/13

Like most people in the midwest I spent the weekend being crushed by the oppressing weight of winter. Despite the treacherous conditions, I made my way to Schubas on Saturday night to catch a set by local music makers Mooner. It had been a couple years since the last time I saw them play, and the venues couldn’t have been more different. The sound system … Continue reading Mooner At Schubas 1/4/13