Savannah Stopover Releases Initial Lineup

Last year I came really close to hitting Savannah, GA for this festival. I ended up not going because I had been laid off from my job and it didn’t make sense to fly down if no one was paying me to cover. The lineup was great, and I know it would’ve been a ton of fun. I also can’t go this year, but once … Continue reading Savannah Stopover Releases Initial Lineup

The Musical Influences of Common Shiner

These “Musical Influences” posts have been a lot of fun so far. I love getting to know what bands or artists were listening to that brought them to where they are. Sometimes you get a lot of unexpected things that change the way you hear their music. Common Shiner’s list, which they made as a band instead of one spokesperson, is all over the map, … Continue reading The Musical Influences of Common Shiner

Taste Of Chicago 2013 Preview

The middle of July is quickly approaching, and the rising temperatures tell me that Taste Of Chicago is almost upon us. The city’s finest restaurants will supply the food, and a few of Chicago’s finest bands will be putting on free shows sponsored by Bud Light. So save up your nickels and dimes for the fun to start on Friday July 12th. Some folks have … Continue reading Taste Of Chicago 2013 Preview

Hasty Revelations 2013 Wishlist

Now that we’ve put the 2012 edition of Hasty Revelations to bed, it’s time to start looking forward to who we’ll work with in 2013. I’ve compiled a list of all the Chicago bands that I would like to have play at Handwritten this year. If we get some non-Chicagoans, I’ll keep that a secret until it’s posted. I’ve already been in communication with a … Continue reading Hasty Revelations 2013 Wishlist

10 Bands To Watch In 2012: Results

At the beginning of the year I posted the ten bands that I thought should hit big in 2012. I wasn’t right on all of them, but I got a few things correct. I suppose if it proves anything, this lists shows that I am not in step with the mainstream in the least. That’s ok, though. Great music doesn’t always live on KISS FM … Continue reading 10 Bands To Watch In 2012: Results