Vowws at Lincoln Hall 2/6/2017

Last night Vowws hit the stage at Lincoln Hall to play for a crowd for which most openers could only wish. Almost everyone in the audience was not only aware of Vowws, but knew the words to the songs and were as much their for them as they were for headliner White Lies. I was not that familiar, but found the set to be very … Continue reading Vowws at Lincoln Hall 2/6/2017

Calculon-Feel/Love & Radiation-Three Kingdoms

I don’t post much about house/bass/electronic or whatever term is being used this week describe the style. This is mainly due to the fact that I just don’t really care for most of it. I’ve found a few DJ’s and artists that I think do a pretty good job-Paper Diamond being chief among them-but 99% of it goes right over my head. That being said, … Continue reading Calculon-Feel/Love & Radiation-Three Kingdoms