rickoLus-Four Track Love Song

If there’s one thing that the pandemic has done, for better or worse, it’s given us time to look back and get a little nostalgic for the bygone days of the 90’s. That’s probably why I instantly fell for this new track from rickoLus. “Four Track Love Song” is the latest single from his upcoming album, Bones. It’s a hazy look back at self-discovery and … Continue reading rickoLus-Four Track Love Song

BBQ, Booze, and Bands: The Beale Street Music Festival

   About a week ago I got a got a text from my brother saying my mom wanted to go to the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis and wanted me to go, too. He was telling me about the lineup and it all sounded pretty good. He was hyped about Cage The Elephant being there, which I would also enjoy. Come to find out … Continue reading BBQ, Booze, and Bands: The Beale Street Music Festival

Beck “Dreams” Up Something Sweet

After taking a detour back through Sea Change country on Morning Phase, Beck is back with a track that would make Pitbull weep sugary tears it’s so sticky with pop sweetness. The genre-bending icon hasn’t lost his touch when it comes to disco tinged dance rock. This is the most fun he’s had on record since the release of Guero, and I can’t wait to … Continue reading Beck “Dreams” Up Something Sweet