Canasta-The Fakeout, The Tease, And The Breather


It feels kinda like 2010 is getting a second life around here lately. Last week I posted my old review of The Congregation’s Not For Sleepin’ and now I’m doing a review of another album that I missed two years ago. Some things are worth revisiting, though, and honestly my excuse for not reviewing it back then is just laziness. Now that I’ve actually heard Canasta’s album, I feel like an idiot.

If it hadn’t been for a record release show by Young Jesus back in January, I probably still would be ignorant to the sounds of Canasta. Luckily they opened that show with a tremendous set, capped off by the greatest version of Blackstreet’s “No Diggity” I’ve ever heard. I’ve been listening to The Fakeout, The Tease, And The Breather off and on since then, but decided to wait until now to give it a review.

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Rome-DangerMouse and Daniele Luppi

I’ve been thinking about soundtracks a lot this week. ┬áMostly I’ve been thinking about how terrible they are for the most part, and how lucky we are to have people like Michael Giacchino around to keep things interesting. The art of the soundtrack has been, for years, lost on newer composers. Left to their own devices, the icons of the form (John Williams, Hans Zimmer, … Continue reading Rome-DangerMouse and Daniele Luppi