Music.Defined. Turns 5

   I never thought we’d make it this far. Honestly, when I started Music.Defined. it was mostly out of spite, which explains the terrible name. Looking back it was the right decision, branching out on my own, but I probably could’ve done a better job that first year (or four). It’s been a real delight sharing new music with all of you, and I hope … Continue reading Music.Defined. Turns 5

Vintage Blue-No Going Back EP

One of my favorite live acts in Chicago is Vintage Blue. They always put on a great, energy-filled show that leaves me smiling. Tomorrow night they’ll be headlining Metro to celebrate the release of their new EP, No Going Back. The new EP trades in some of those howling guitars from Strike The Mics for a warmer, quieter sound. Ben Bassett still rips a couple … Continue reading Vintage Blue-No Going Back EP

Vintage Blue At House Of Blues 6-1-2013

I’ve talked about Vintage Blue at length many times over the past 18 months, so I won’t bore you with minutiae. Hammerfest was once again upon us over the weekend, and The Lovehammers set up a great rock show that had Chicago’s favorite sons as the final band before Marty Casey and company blew the roof off the House Of Blues. It was a full … Continue reading Vintage Blue At House Of Blues 6-1-2013

Vintage Blue-Strike The Mics

You probably noticed an influx of Vintage Blue posts between mid-December and January. They played the House Of Blues, came by to record a Hasty Revelations session, AND had their record release party in the span of one month. That’s why I waited until the last minute to review Strike The Mics, which finally sees its release tomorrow, February 14th. If you read any of … Continue reading Vintage Blue-Strike The Mics