Youngest Son-All Soul’s Day

Steve Slagg has been paying his dues as a musician for a while now. I, along with many others, know him best as the keyboard player/vocalist in Chicago rock band Mooner, but he also has his own project, Youngest Son. They are wildly different as far as style and sound (though they do have one thing in common-they’re very good). I had no knowledge of … Continue reading Youngest Son-All Soul’s Day

Briar Rabbit-From Your Bones

The breakup record is one of the most popular genres of music in the world. Whether you were lying on your bed crying into your pillow or cruising around your exes neighborhood blasting “your song,” music plays a huge part in our relationships and an even bigger part in the healing process. For those of us who are non-musicians, we can merely listen and empathize. … Continue reading Briar Rabbit-From Your Bones

Briar Rabbit at Schubas 9-5-2013

Last night at Schubas I finally got the chance to see my friend Briar Rabbit perform live for the first time. I’m not sure how I’ve gone over a year without seeing him play, but it was well worth the wait. This show acted as the kick-off to promote the new album From Your Bones-though the record has been delayed, so this was deemed a … Continue reading Briar Rabbit at Schubas 9-5-2013

Ben Folds Five at FirstMerit Bank Pavilion 7/9/13

The reunion of Ben Folds Five has been a great success so far. Last year they toured together for the first time since 2000 and put out a great new album called The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind. I got to see them at Chicago Theatre last year, and they were phenomenal. The chemistry was still there and Ben seemed to enjoy playing … Continue reading Ben Folds Five at FirstMerit Bank Pavilion 7/9/13