Your 2015 Grammy Nominees Are Here, Weak

As you might have suspected, I listen to a lot of music throughout the year. Even though the Grammys have a funky schedule for what is eligible in a year and tends to focus on radio-friendly fare to keep John and Jill Q Public interested in watching their awards broadcast, I try to listen to as many of the nominees as possible. This year I … Continue reading Your 2015 Grammy Nominees Are Here, Weak

Ranking Pitchfork 2015

Saw a lot of great sets this weekend, but some were better than others. The festival went all out on supporting local musicians, with two of the headlining acts based her in the Windy City. The gamble paid off, and the tenth anniversary crowd was the biggest the fest has ever seen. They also stepped up their hip-hop game once again, grabbing some of the … Continue reading Ranking Pitchfork 2015