Top 10 Bob Dylan Songs

Last year for Bob’s 71st birthday I posted my list of his top ten albums. This year I’m going taking next logical step and attempting to name his best ten songs. Surely there will be debate over his greatest works-do you base it solely on the writing? Do you weigh in the cultural significance? Can you just say Blonde On Blonde is his top ten … Continue reading Top 10 Bob Dylan Songs

Alex Chilton’s 8th Annual Birthday Bash at Empty Bottle

I can’t say that I, personally, was ever a huge Big Star fan. For me, they’re just one of those bands that I missed the boat on, and now I fill my time with new bands so I don’t have time to go back. That being said, Big Star, and in particular Alex Chilton’s, influence can not be denied. Bands like Wilco, Teenage Fanclub, but … Continue reading Alex Chilton’s 8th Annual Birthday Bash at Empty Bottle

Top Ten Bob Dylan Albums


A few weeks ago I had a conversation with my old friend Patrick Tape-Fleming about the best albums Bob Dylan has put out. I don’t remember the genesis of the conversation, but basically he was saying someone had mentioned a record that he didn’t even consider in Dylan’s top ten. That got me thinking about how your top ten Dylan albums says way more about you than it does about Dylan. In the end we decided that you can’t really fault anyone because they’re all good in their own way (yes, even Empire Burlesque). As today is Bobby’s 71st birthday, I figured I would share my list with you and then if you feel like it you can put yours in the comments section, or up on Facebook and we can discuss them. Keep in mind I am not saying that these are absolutely the best, just the ones I think are best. Continue reading “Top Ten Bob Dylan Albums”