Riot Fest Chicago-Who To See In 2013

With a name like Riot Fest, you’d think the only bands that would be playing sound like Cannibal Corpse or Megadeth. The festival actually does a really good job of mixing it up-maybe more so than a lot of the “bigger” festivals that come through Chicago on a yearly basis. There are some hard rock/metal bands, but there’s also room for hip-hop, post-punk, and straight … Continue reading Riot Fest Chicago-Who To See In 2013

The Sweeps-The Terrible Children

When I first started offering bands the opportunity to submit their material to me, there was a thought that kept going through my head: “What if they’re all terrible??” A silly thought, of course. The law of averages says that they couldn’t ALL be bad. And that turned out to be true. Of the submissions received so far, I don’t think any of them have … Continue reading The Sweeps-The Terrible Children