Summerfest 2013 6/26 And 6/27

I think I mentioned in my preview of Summerfest how ridiculous the whole thing is. There’s more bands playing than one person could ever possibly need to see at one time, and they aren’t like little tiny bands you can walk into a random bar and see in any big city. These are names that you recognize, especially if you follow music like I do. … Continue reading Summerfest 2013 6/26 And 6/27

Molehill at Subterranean 2/22/13

Friday night I headed over to SubT to check out one of my favorite local bands, Molehill. They also happen to be one of my favorite live bands period, so I never miss the opportunity to catch a show. They took the headlining slot above three other groups-locals The Lauren Wolf Band and Blood Red Boots, along with Colombus, Ohio’s The Wet Darlings. I’d seen … Continue reading Molehill at Subterranean 2/22/13