The Thermals at Lincoln Hall 5/16/2013

The Thermals stormed into town Friday night hit in the heels of their latest record, Desperate Ground. It’s an impassioned return to the angry days of their most popular album The Body, The Blood, The Machine; the antithesis to their last release Personal Life. I’m a big fan of the new record and looked forward to hearing some of it played live. I was also … Continue reading The Thermals at Lincoln Hall 5/16/2013

Unknown Component-Blood v. Electricity

It’s been a little over a year since the last album from Unknown Component, the recording project of Keith Lynch. I liked the last release, The Infinite Definitive, enough to recommend it. I think I like Blood v. Electricity a little more. If nothing else, I’m happy that it’s not more of the same, as is often the case when I review a band and … Continue reading Unknown Component-Blood v. Electricity