JD & The Straight Shot at United Center 3/14/18

James Dolan brought his band The Straight Shot back to Chicago last night to open for The Eagles at United Center. I caught them last year at Huntington Bank Pavilion where they opened for one of The Eagles, Don Henley. This was the first time in 20 years of concerts when I’ve seen a band first at a big outdoor amphitheater and then indoors, and … Continue reading JD & The Straight Shot at United Center 3/14/18

ZZ Ward at House Of Blues 2/9/18

Just a couple weeks shy of five years ago I caught ZZ Ward at Lincoln Hall. She was coming off her debut Til The Casket Drops, and I was interested in hearing her bluesy version of pop music. Harmonica isn’t an instrument a lot of female musicians are famous for playing, but ZZ can wail and I’m always on board for younger audiences checking out … Continue reading ZZ Ward at House Of Blues 2/9/18

Wes John Cichosz-“Everybody Says”

January is generally a catch-up month, so I haven’t posted on much new music. Instead I’m going back through 2017 stuff I missed and trying to make up for it. Last week I reviewed Lilly Winwood’s EP. After that, I spent some time with her dad’s band Traffic. I was surprised to notice a lot of similarities when I turned on Wes John Cichosz’s song … Continue reading Wes John Cichosz-“Everybody Says”

Jonny Lang at House Of Blues 9/23/2017

The day before Jonny Lang turned 16 he released his major-label debut. Later that year I also turned 16, and spent much of the summer blaring Lie To Me out of the surprisingly capable speakers of my red 1991 Pontiac Sunbird (affectionately called “The Fiery Chariot Of The Sun God” by its wonderful passengers). Ever since, I’ve felt a strange bond with Lang’s music. He … Continue reading Jonny Lang at House Of Blues 9/23/2017

Thaddeus Anna Greene-“In Vein”

Cleveland rockers Thaddeus Anna Greene have been making music together for a few years now, but they’re latest single may be just the hit to get their noise heard around the world. It’s a rock and blues-fueled gem dripping with desire and regret. The track comes from their new EP, Bleed, due out at the end of September. Continue reading Thaddeus Anna Greene-“In Vein”