Bent Knee at Schubas 6/12/2017

I was introduced to Bent Knee a couple weeks ago when I read about their new record, Land Animal, which comes out next week on Inside/Out. The title track was put out as the first single, and I was sure it was a cover at first because there was something familiar about it. The pace and timbre of the delivery from Courtney Swain was stuck … Continue reading Bent Knee at Schubas 6/12/2017

Steph Barrak-So Familiar

It’s been more than three and a half years since we heard new music from Steph Barrak. Her debut LP, Words To Break Your Heart, came out on Valentine’s Day 2013 and she added her name to my list of singer/songwriters to watch. Finally she’s back with a new single and a record due out in early February. The time in between releases hasn’t caused … Continue reading Steph Barrak-So Familiar

Magic Man at Metro 4/23/2016

According to a trio of Arlington Heights girls I talked to before Magic Man’s set at Metro, the line to get in started at 6:30am. A 13-hour wait to see a band seems crazy to me, but I’m old. The closest I came was driving from Des Moines to Minneapolis in 2006 to see Prince play at First Ave for the first time in 30 … Continue reading Magic Man at Metro 4/23/2016

Steph Barrak-Words To Break Your Heart

Boston-based singer-songwriter Steph Barrak is flying under the radar right now, despite releasing a very good record on Valentine’s Day called Words To Break Your Heart. Over the course of eleven songs she proves herself to be a fine writer and performer, combining the emotional sincerity and intelligence of Laura Veirs with the sing-along pop sensibility of the early 2000’s wave of female Top 40 … Continue reading Steph Barrak-Words To Break Your Heart