Looney Gloomers-Muscles

A little bit of Bowie, a little bit of Krautrock, and a whole lot of 80’s synth records make the foundation for Looney Gloomers latest single, “Muscles.” The fresh four-piece spent a scant 20 days writing and recording their new album providing a feel of spontaneity and urgency to the tracks. They’ve said the want to make music that feels like a book. Specifically Steinbeck’s … Continue reading Looney Gloomers-Muscles

The Gold Web at Empty Bottle 12/16/17

When I got home late Saturday night, I was still picking confetti off my jacket. That’s thanks to The Gold Web, who opened for GGOOLLDD at Empty Bottle with one of the most energetic and fun sets I’ve seen all year. They also had balloons, their own smoke machine, and some sweet jams to get the crowd feeling good. It’s been a long time since … Continue reading The Gold Web at Empty Bottle 12/16/17

The Fluids-No Kidding!

A new band is born every 2.8 seconds in New York City. Many of them have the same parents, so they end up sounding similar and get lost in the noise. The only way to stand out is to be a little different, and The Fluids excel at avoiding traditional rock values. There’s something unnervingly intense about their music that makes it impossible to stop … Continue reading The Fluids-No Kidding!

Sons Of An Illustrious Father at Tonic Room 3/11/2017

As a rule I don’t write reviews of shows that I had a hand in putting together. I did take some pictures that I wanted to share, though. I did think the show was amazing for a lot of reasons, first and foremost all the great people that came out to support the show. This was my third time seeing the band in Chicago and … Continue reading Sons Of An Illustrious Father at Tonic Room 3/11/2017

Acceptance Of Disappointment-Living Through 2016

Around this time every year I write a snarky post about the things that disappointed me in music throughout the year. Generally it’s just some garbage about Nicki Minaj being a talentless shrew, or Bon Iver being so boring I’d rather lay in the grass and wait for it to envelop me than listen to his droning on about whatever pretentious drivel he’s got on … Continue reading Acceptance Of Disappointment-Living Through 2016