El Vy-Return To The Moon

Since Boxer, I’ve grown a bit weary of The National. Still think they’re talented musicians, but as the critical acclaim built and the record sales kept growing, I feel like they’ve been playing it safe. It’s been the same formula for their last couple albums, neither of which satisfied me the way their earlier albums do. So when it was announced that Matt Berninger would … Continue reading El Vy-Return To The Moon

El Vy-Return To The Moon (Video)

Maybe Matt Berninger isn’t as boring as I thought he was. Perhaps it’s just my weariness with The National’s decision to repeat themselves over and over again. With his new project, El Vy, Berninger seems to be re-energized. The tandem he creates with Brent Knopf isn’t a huge departure from the bittersweet sounds of Brooklyn’s saddest hip band, but it’s enough of a change that … Continue reading El Vy-Return To The Moon (Video)