RavenEye at House Of Blues 4/27/2016

RavenEye opened up the show for The Darkness Wednesday night in Chicago, and I couldn’t think of a better band to get the crowd ready. The blues-heavy riffs played by Oli Brown were met by the thundering bass of Aaron Spiers and drums from Kev Hickman. The songs often ran together with no clear beginning or ending, but the whole thing felt connected by the … Continue reading RavenEye at House Of Blues 4/27/2016

The Vaccines-English Graffiti

For the second time in a week I’m sitting here listening to music by artists I genuinely like and wondering if maybe I’m just stupid. A few days ago it was Brandon Flowers sophomore solo effort that was defying my belief in his talents, and now the third full-length from The Vaccines is giving me equal doubts. They are trying something different from the brilliant … Continue reading The Vaccines-English Graffiti