Shilpa Ray-Last Year’s Savage

  I saw Shilpa Ray play a small show at Burlington Bar here in Chicago at the beginning of March, and it was pretty great. So I’m not surprised that Last Year’s Savage is such a fantastic record-easily one of the best I’ve heard so far this year. The follow-up to 2013’s It’s All Self-Fellatio finds the singer more powerful than ever with vocals that never … Continue reading Shilpa Ray-Last Year’s Savage

The Graveyard Kids-“Bought And Sold”

If Albert Broccoli had selected Red Hot Chili Peppers to write the title sequence song for one of his early 80’s Bond films, it would probably sound a lot like this single from The Graveyard Kids. The throbbing bass mingling with a lush string section of violins, viola, and cello would make perfect sense for Octopussy. It’s sad we never got that song, because “Bought … Continue reading The Graveyard Kids-“Bought And Sold”

Sons Of An Illustrious Father-No Mercy/Loveletting

Sons Of An Illustrious Father is the perfect example of a band you either get or you don’t. Their music is so rooted in emotion and guts and profound truths that if you don’t connect with it immediately, you probably won’t even after a million attempts (though I suggest trying at least that many times). The vocals are often gut-wrenching and the words they sing … Continue reading Sons Of An Illustrious Father-No Mercy/Loveletting