Do I Secretly Like Goo Goo Dolls?

It’s funny how music travels with you over the years. The memories that are created around sounds can be so vivid…you might remember a conversation with someone or an intimate moment, maybe even a horrifying time at the drop of a dime if the right song comes on the radio. And it doesn’t matter what the song is, it’s just whatever was playing at the … Continue reading Do I Secretly Like Goo Goo Dolls?

Neneh Cherry at Pitchfork 2014

  It was her first performance on American soil in over 20 years, and the crowd showered her with appreciation as she stood before them on stage. Her arms open wide she confidently said “Let it begin.” Then she and her backing band Rocketshipnine tore up the Chicago stage and gave the audience anything but what they expected. A synth-drum duo, Rocketshipnine laid down some … Continue reading Neneh Cherry at Pitchfork 2014

Bill Times A Billion-Say It Nicer

Liz Brown and Ramesh Pillay make up the husband-wife duo Bill Times A Billion, out of upstate NY. Their style weaves between 60’s pop and fuzzy garage rock seamlessly. Say It Nicer is their latest album, which came out in early January. The album showcases Brown’s impeccable vocals with both originals and covers. The songs they cover are beloved classics to some, perhaps unknown to … Continue reading Bill Times A Billion-Say It Nicer