The Chambermaids-Whatever Happened Tomorrow

The Chambermaids are a seemingly ever-evolving outfit from Minneapolis. They’ve been making music for a decade in various combinations of people, the one constant being brother and sister duo Neil and Martha Weir. Whatever Happened Tomorrow is their third full-length, and their third release on Guilt Ridden Pop following two singles last year. It’s an album that doesn’t like to stay in one place too … Continue reading The Chambermaids-Whatever Happened Tomorrow

This Ridiculous Weekend Of Music In Chicago

We still have a lot of time before Lollapalooza brings some of the biggest acts in music to our fair city, but festival season is already well underway. It kicked off with the Do Division Fest last weekend, and tonight the city takes it up a notch with Ribfest. I don’t know who the person was who came up with the idea of plotting festival … Continue reading This Ridiculous Weekend Of Music In Chicago