My New Spotify Playlist, EDM Edition

It certainly would come as no surprise to people who read this site often that I am not a big EDM fan. Quite the opposite, actually. I’ve spent the better half of my adulthood discrediting the form and talking down to its fans. I realized at some point last year that my inert hatred of EDM was unfair to the people who work hard to … Continue reading My New Spotify Playlist, EDM Edition

Spring Awakening Festival Schedule

Now that the full schedule has been announced, I thought I’d give you an idea of what I would have as my ideal schedule. My picks are in pink. People who know a lot more about EDM will call me a headliner-hog, and that’s fine. Truthfully, if you want a good spot for the main attractions, you have to set up at that stage well … Continue reading Spring Awakening Festival Schedule

Spring Awakening Festival Preview

With the rise in popularity of EDM over the past two decades, I’m amazed that Chicago hasn’t had a festival celebrating the genre for a long time. We’re ten days away from the Spring Awakening Festival, in only its second year. They’ve put together another great lineup of talent from around the globe to keep the crowds moving all day and night. Last year’s inaugural … Continue reading Spring Awakening Festival Preview