Arkells At Subterannean 11/12/2016

The crowd was all riled up and ready to go for Arkells after an explosive performance from The Darcys. (Here’s a little clip if you’re unfamiliar).  As the band made their way down the spiral staircase, one of many unique aspects of the Chicago venue, they were met with an explosion of cheers as they unleashed the opening notes of Morning Report‘s opening track “Drake’s … Continue reading Arkells At Subterannean 11/12/2016

Arkells-Morning Report

Arkells recorded most of their new record, Morning Report, in Toronto, but it feels like the constant touring across the States made it’s way into the sound on which they decided. Right off the bat on, “Drake’s Dad,” you can feel the Stax influence as Max Kerman sings about Beale Street in Memphis. Morning Report is very much a studi0-recorded road album. You can hear … Continue reading Arkells-Morning Report

Arkells at SubT4/1/2016

Last night Canadian rockers Arkells brought about half of Hamilton along with them to Subterranean in Chicago. The packed house rocked and rolled as the band weaved their way through the hits from their 2014 release High Noon like “Leather Jacket,” “11:11,” and “Dirty Blonde.” Most songs ended or began with the eternally grateful Max Kerman offering thanks to the audience for “the best Chicago … Continue reading Arkells at SubT4/1/2016

The Besnard Lakes-The Plain Moon (Video)

   I saw The Besnard Lakes live at Maintenance Shop in Ames, Iowa way back in 2007. I was a big fan of their record Are The Dark Horse, which was a surprise because it didn’t sound like anything else I was listening to at the time. I was a little disappointed by their set, which was highlighted by an impromptu blues jam when a … Continue reading The Besnard Lakes-The Plain Moon (Video)