Okapi-Mirror Of Majesties

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this anywhere in my reviews, but I love the cello. There is so much a skilled cellist can do with the sounds that emanate from the instrument, it’s really a tool of exploration and adventure. I was very excited to check out this track from Okapi, the first single off their upcoming album, Carousel (Part II), which comes … Continue reading Okapi-Mirror Of Majesties

Pearl And The Beard-Killing The Darlings

Pearl and The Beard is a group that was brought to my attention a few weeks ago. They will be headlining a show tomorrow night in Evanston at SPACE. This stop is part of a cross-country tour with top-billing before they go out and open for the likes of better known Ingrid Michaelson and even better known Ani DiFranco. I’ve been listening to the album … Continue reading Pearl And The Beard-Killing The Darlings