Sir Sly-You Haunt Me

IMG_0371.JPGSir Sly‘s full-length has been one of my most anticipated records since I first heard their EP last year. From the very first note on that four-song release they did a great job of creating a foreboding atmosphere. Their music exists in the dark spaces that most pop songs don’t dare to venture. Whether or not You Haunt Me could live up to my expectations was a big question, and it wasn’t immediately answered.

When I saw the tracklist for this new record, I was crestfallen. Not only do they use all the tracks from the EP here, but they make up four of the first five cuts. Not since the mini-album A Balloon Called Moaning turned into The Big Roar have I been so annoyed with the recycling of music. They’re re-ordered here, and the title track breaks it up so they aren’t all in a row, but it’s still a letdown. Continue reading “Sir Sly-You Haunt Me”