Old Gloria-Tennis Ball

I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many times over the last six months I’ve wished I had a dog. Spending weeks on end in solitude just doesn’t seem as bad with a four-legged companion. Sure, I have a cat, but she’s seventeen and even as a youngster wasn’t much for playtime and certainly didn’t go for long walks. And cuddling? Forget it. She’d … Continue reading Old Gloria-Tennis Ball

Mooner-The Alternate Universe Of Love

If you are still ignorant of the band Mooner, do not try to pin that on me. I checked, and Mooner (as well as their associated acts) have been featured on the pages of this site seven times. Perhaps fewer than they deserve, but certainly enough to avoid any claims that I haven’t been trying to tell you. For my money, Mooner is one of … Continue reading Mooner-The Alternate Universe Of Love

The Steak House Mints-Don’t Let The Russian Bots Win

Donald Trump is a racist, human-shaped pile of garbage. I’m not surprised he slurs his words so often, as I imagine it’s hard to talk with all the bullshit in his mouth. He lies. Always. If his lips are moving, he’s lying. I don’t even know if it can be considered gaslighting anymore. If the people are still falling for his tricks, maybe it’s on … Continue reading The Steak House Mints-Don’t Let The Russian Bots Win