Cosmic Bull-Hangin’ In The I.P.

It doesn’t take long for Cosmic Bull’s new record, Hangin’ in the I.P., to find its groove and pull you in. Mark Vickery’s vocals dive in and swim around your head, sounding like a more upbeat Mark Lanegan. Vickery has been making music in Chicago for about 30 years in various bands and solo projects, with Cosmic Bull being the latest. He kicked out a … Continue reading Cosmic Bull-Hangin’ In The I.P.

Kenia OS-House of Blues 3/15/23

I got to House of Blues just a few minutes after doors opened for up-and-coming Mexican singer Kenia OS’s first show in Chicago. The line to get in, which I opted to skip after picking up my photo pass, went around the building, down the block, and past the river. The longest line I’ve ever seen for a show there. I’ve only recently learned about … Continue reading Kenia OS-House of Blues 3/15/23

Poi Dog Pondering-Keep On Loving Each Other

After 38 years, it’s easy to take a band like Poi Dog Pondering for granted. They’ve been consistently putting out albums every few years and touring almost constantly. So it seems crazy that Keep On Loving Each Other, which came out in January, is their first album in five years. Given the period of time that these songs were likely written over, it’s comforting to … Continue reading Poi Dog Pondering-Keep On Loving Each Other

Fort Frances-A Billion Drums

Somehow it’s been over two years since I last wrote about Fort Frances. They’ve put out a few singles since then, and they’re only a few days away from their new record, Look What Tomorrow Brought Us, hitting the digital platforms. It’s been a long road for singer/songwriter David McMillin, and you can hear the maturing and changing perspective in the recent songs, but especially … Continue reading Fort Frances-A Billion Drums